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Dry Tobacco Vape Juice By VGod Salt Nicotine Review


This is one of those salt nicotine vape juices that would really get you hooked on its nicotine and unique tobacco flavor. From the inhale and exhale of this dry tobacco vape juice by VGod, you enjoy a deep and robust flavor that might be hard to find elsewhere.

Dry tobacco is not an easy flavor to come by, and VGod was able to craft a vape juice that expertly recreates the taste with the added advantage of salt nicotine, making it an e-juice perfect for heavy smokers. 

Tobacco Never Tasted Better

Dry Tobacco vape juice by VGod features a genuine tobacco flavor. When you inhale, the flavor of sweet, robust tobacco envelopes your taste buds, leaving you in a tobacco frenzy. When you exhale, the rich flavor of tobacco slowly fades away, leaving you completely refreshed and craving another pull.

Base Ratio

Something you would find common with salt nicotine is the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). 

The Dry Tobacco Vape juice also features a similar 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50 percent propylene glycol (PG). This balanced ratio is something you would absolutely enjoy regardless of your vapor or flavor preferences. The e-juice delivers a generous amount of vapor thanks to its VG percentage while also carrying smooth and bold flavors. Aside from the flavor and vapor delivery, the percentage of PG in this e-juice.

Nicotine To The Max

This Dry Tobacco E-juice is part of their salt nicotine lineup which is among the best salt nicotine mixes on the market. If you have ever craved a much stronger nicotine hit whenever you vaped, then salt nicotine is the way to go.

VGod expertly made this e-juice blend in varying nicotine concentrations. You get to choose from a 25mg and a 50mg nicotine strength. The 25mg strength may be strong but the 50mg version is for vapers who need a stronger nicotine fix. Thanks to the high-quality salt nicotine, even a 50mg bottle should feel smooth in your throat.

Their salt nicotine collection is something really worthy of note. You might even find yourself trying out the other flavors in the lineup. 

The Experts Behind The Mix

There are a plethora of vape juice manufacturers, and no doubt, a number of them are able to pull their own weight with high-quality, delicious vape juice profiles. The rest don’t quite cut it. 

VGod is a Los Angeles manufacturer that was founded in 2013, so they’ve been around for a while. They have been on a mission to become the strongest and most impactful vape brand that vapers everywhere can rely on for high-quality e-juice formulas. It is easy to see they are heading towards success as they are now one of the industry’s largest and most recognized brands. Their collection includes a range of expertly crafted vape devices to premium-quality vape juice blends. 

Where You Can Get A Bottle

If the dry tobacco vape juice by VGod is something that resonates with you, then you would be glad to also find out that it is not expensive, even with its premium quality. The vape juice is packaged in a 30ml bottle featuring VGod’s unique packaging design.

You can buy the Dry Tobacco Vape Juice By VGod Salt Nic on West Coast Vape Supply at a discounted price of $14.75, allowing you to save up to 26% off its original price of $19.99. Once you have had a taste, it would be pretty hard to let it go.